A pair of old brass unicorns and beast ornaments in the Qing Dynasty
Welcome to bargainingSize: height 14.3 cm, length 16.7 cm, width 9.6 cm, weight 3254.1 g..
Antiques Antique Collection Genuine Gold and Silver Bronze Old Bronze/Warring States Dragon Mirror
Welcome to bargainingIt is about 20.7 cm in diameter, 0.8 cm thick and weighs 717 grams...
Big copper enamel gold bear type Boshan furnace
Welcome to bargainingAbout 77 cm highPlease pay attention to this site, our products are continuousl..
Bronze crane tortoise
Welcome to bargaining24cm high..
Bronze dragon and phoenix Chengxiang wax table
Welcome to bargaining17cm high..
Bronze flat foot
Welcome to bargaining36 cm high, 30 cm in diameter, weighing 5,983 gPlease pay attention to this sit..
Bronze lion aroma pair
Welcome to bargainingSize: height 17 cmWeight: 2327 gramsPlease pay attention to this site, our prod..
Bronze pot old bronze
Welcome to bargainingSize: height 34 cm, weight: weighs 3,723 gramsPlease pay attention to this site..
Bronze sword
Welcome to bargaining66cm long..
Bronze Tengu Lucky Animal Face Jug
Welcome to bargaining23cm high, 13cm diameter, 7cm bottom diameter..
Copper enamel gold ear incense burner
Welcome to bargaining10 cm high, 24 cm between ears, weighs 2639Please pay attention to this site, o..
Copper incense burner old copper furnace old bronze
Welcome to bargainingIt is about 16.5 cm high, 14 cm wide and weighs 2470 grams.Please pay attention..
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